Goal Setting with your kiddos

Goal setting with your kids can elevate power struggles and fights.

When you talk WITH you kids, not at your kids about goals and things THEY want to do and achieve, it helps to empower them. The four downloadable pages can help with scaffolding the process of talking with your kids about goal setting. It can help them find clarity around what goals they want to achieve. Please be mindful that goal setting isn't always about 'Doing', it can also be about 'Being'. It doesn't always have to surround academics, sports, learning. It can also be about including more self care into daily life, speaking with more honesty and integrity, improving kindness to self and others, etc.

When we as the big people in our kiddos life, open up to hearing them for who they are, it liberates us from taking things personally. It liberates us and it liberates them. We all are empowered to be our full whole awesome selves.

Download Pili's Goal Getter pages here:)

Goal Getter 1
Download PDF • 13.57MB

Goal Getter 2
Download PDF • 48.16MB