Swap Time Outs (p.s they don't do what you think they do) for a Self-Tuning In

This download is 4 steps to teach yourself, your partner and kids, to build healthy self-awareness, understanding of our inner-world (emotions, thoughts, sensations), and how these influence our day to day life.

This download is about increasing our levels of consciousness about what is happening for ourselves and others. To build understanding, care and support for the behind the scenes, if you will, for the outer behaviour we see - from ourselves, our partner and kids, friends, colleagues etc.

We want to really start looking at the root cause of behaviour and moving away from purely surface level behaviour management. These 4 steps help in building skills that will help us throughout life for regulating our emotions, having more compassion and understanding of what might be happening for others.

The more we love and accept ourselves, the more we love and accept others. Time outs teach kids to learn how to manipulate, hide and disown parts of themselves. These four steps teach kids to learn how to clearly communicate, regulate their emotions and honour all of who they are.

Download PDF • 26.39MB

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