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My family joins your family.

The Me You We Tribe was written from my exhaustion, overwhelm, and utter desperation really to help my eldest son.  His Dad and I had just separated, he began kindy and Autistic (undiagnosed at the time, and if we could get our kids diagnosed with PDA in Australia, he has PDA too).  The school was really the wrong fit for him, their focus was not on mental and emotional health.  He had anxiety and separation anxiety with me, for many years.  

Professionally, I am a very successful child, family, and couples therapist.  I was applying my Mumma intuition and my professional knowledge to support him and the school.  That's when The Me You We Tribe was written.  I wanted something for him and the school to be applying together to make his transition easier, calmer, and not be so challenging for him and them.

At the same time, my private practice was seeing a dramatic increase in families going through the same things as us.  For example; parents exhausted and at a loss as to how to help and protect, challenging behaviour from big challenging feelings, fights and battles, despair and grief.

The practical, useful and successful skills I had been applying to relationship empowerment for years within family and couples therapy and with kids as young as 5years old.  To be honest I've applied them with my kids since their birth.  Writing them into a book and resource pack, I knew was going to help more families and kids, than I could see face to face.  I felt my purpose was to bring it to you and your family. 

The Tribe is all about learning, accepting, and loving each other in healthy ways.

The Me You We Tribe are 10 Australian animals who teach developmental psychology, interpersonal neurobiology and relationship psychology, in loving easy fun ways.  There are over 20 strategies to nourish your family and relationships with.  Kids absolutely love and self identify with certain animals and WANT to apply and use their skills.

The Tribe is unlike any other parenting or children's/chapter book, as it is for the whole family.  Whether you use it for upskilling your parenting, learning more about yourself and your own childhood and/or with your kids to all learning together.  It truly is for all.

The Etoolbox, is another standout.  This brings the book to life.  Other parenting and children's books can end up being dust collectors.  The Tribe and their toolbox, help you apply with love and ease the skills, strategies and understandings that the Tribe bring.  

We know you'll love the Me You We Tribe.



Each animal with their main emotions and the skills they teach.  Click on the image to download the full PDF:)

All the Me You We Tribe
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Examples of some of the Ebook chapters and Audiobook.